Teaching Your Infant to Play to Learn

At the children’s Center, we know that every moment with an infant is precious.   We know the importance of bonding and developing a trust with your infant.  Through simple games like peekaboo and reading stories throughout the day, our loving teachers begin the foundational work for later learning and help infants grow in areas such as:

  • Self-Concept Development – To learn about themselves.

Discovering their hands and feet and looking at their image in a mirror. Recognize and respond when they hear their name.

  • Emotional and Social Development – To learn about their feelings and about other people.

Learn to trust that adults will keep them safe and secure.  They start to share affection and enjoy being with others.   Infants start to express feelings of joy, excitement, pleasure, fear, anger and frustration.

  • Language Development – To learn to communicate.

Infants learn to communicate with others through cooing and babbling, and they start to use gestures to communicate.  Reading, looking at picture books and singing songs are a favorite for Language Development.

  • Physical Development – To learn to move and do.

Infants develop increasing control of their large and small muscles and the older infants become quite mobile.  Grasping for toys, tummy time, pulling up to stand and toys to push and pull around the room help develop these muscles.

  • Cognitive Development – To learn to think.

Infants learn about their world through grasping, touching, tasting, looking, listening and smelling and just through exploring and trying things out. Activities such as peekaboo, hunt and find, shaking a rattle to make a noise and begin to pretend as they play are very important for Cognitive Development.


Our infant rooms are designed so that babies feel safe, secure and happy.  Each infant has their own personal crib and there are separate areas for changing and feeding.  You will be given a daily report every day that is filled out by the teacher so that you will know about your child’s time with us. We provide one kind of formula and a variety of baby food for our infants and we also welcome our breastfeeding mothers.


At The Children’s Center, we have an open door policy and encourage our parents to visit.  Come see for yourself, what a quality infant program we provide.

Otter Creek

11501 Interstate 30
Little Rock, AR 72209
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(501) 455-2690
Ages 6 weeks - 12 years
Open 6am - 6pm Monday - Friday
Arkansas Better Beginnings Accredited


2611 Prince St
Conway, AR 72034
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(501) 336-8881
Ages 6 weeks - 12 years
Open 6am - 6pm Monday - Friday
Arkansas Better Beginnings
"3 Star Program"

West Little Rock

11610 Huron Lane
Little Rock, AR 72211
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(501) 224-2003
Ages 6 weeks - 12 years
Open 6am - 6pm Monday - Friday
Arkansas Better Beginnings Accredited